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01/04/12 11:50 AM #1    

Sandra Werner (Hatzer)

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06/26/12 10:05 AM #2    

Robert Potusna

Info on Frank Ryan

09/13/12 07:47 PM #3    

Ken Creamean

The SHS Class of '62 FaceBook group can be found at!/groups/350442855031118/


10/10/12 10:45 AM #4    

Robert Potusna

How about moving the golf to Country Club on Friday anout 12:30 or 1 PM.  We could meet for a light lunch at Chippers at 11;30 and the go to the golf course at 1.  I'll need to check with Doug Patterson and just need to verify time and how many playing.   Jim Moynihan also wants to play.  Anybody else want to play noitify me or Doug

Ed Crego, Jerry Lebo, John Araujo, Chylde Courtney, myself playing



Cell 815-488-7157


10/15/12 04:23 PM #5    

Douglas Patterson

Just a heartfelt thank-you to every classmate for making an effort to attend and participate in our reunion activities this past week-end. By the size of Moyner's bar tab I assume everyone had a good time. ( For your info Jim, I copied your charge card and we will be having several "it's on Jim" nights in the future....classmates only, of course).

Terry and Sandra, the hotel manager has informed me that he now has a room available with two hot tubs, one for you and one for Lola in preparation for your next stay. Walls have also been sound proofed. Of course, it's an  upgrade.

Oh yeah... Christoff, I'm still not willing to cut my hand off just to be first mate on your damn dingy. Throw a dirty talking parrot in and I might reconsider.

If anyone sees Marion G. crawling around under tables in the local taverns, don't be concerned, she 's just looking for her wallet.

There's a few pieces of chicken left if anyone is still hungry. Will send COD if interested. Contact Jack O. as he is in charge of deliveries.

A special serious thank-you to Joann for bearing the major burden after losing her co-chairpersons towards the end of the planning stages.


10/21/12 04:59 PM #6    


John Araujo

I posted about 180 pictures on our website from the ice breaker, 50th reunion and picnic, they start at 280 of the 429 pictures I have on the website. Please take the time to veiw them. I have added names where I could. I hope you like them.  John

10/22/12 01:46 PM #7    


John Araujo

Hello classmates,

I know I wasn,t the only one taking pictures during 50th reunion events, how about posting your pictures as well.

                                                                   Thanks John

10/26/12 01:15 AM #8    

Sandra Werner (Hatzer)


Would you like to pull out the ice breaker photos and put them under the ice breaker link ?


11/06/12 11:21 AM #9    

Merrill Eckstein

On behalf of our group (ME's, Lebos, Cregos, Potusnas, Claytons, and Courtney), we offer a special "THANKS" to JoAnn and all the others who helped make this reunion so enjoyable!

It was my first since the 20th, and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reconnecting with so many of my classmates.  I have commented already on how much my mother's move to Streator meant to me.  This wimpy little kid will be forever indebted to my buddies (and for that matter all my classmates) for changing the direction of my life.  I thank you all for your immediate acceptance when I arrived in Streator, and for all the joyful memories I share from my time with y'all.   -   Merrill

07/26/14 11:35 PM #10    


John Araujo

A big Thank You to Donna,Sandy,Judy ,Joann and anyone else involved with making the BirthdayBash a hugh success.  A good time was had by all, Thanks again.

And Thank You to Jim Moynihan for buying the whole group a drink, Wish you could have joined us Jim.

07/27/14 12:55 PM #11    

Robert Potusna

It was a great time, I  agree with Johns note----------------Thanks Moyner

07/27/14 08:51 PM #12    

Sandra Werner (Hatzer)

Didn't we have a great bash ?

Seeing everyone and enjoying good food, topped off with a beautiful birthday cake is the best of times.

Thank you for all that came and participated in any way.


07/27/14 10:13 PM #13    

Joyce Ann Skaggs (Beckley)

Sandy, this has to be the best by far of all our get togethers since the 50th. Sooooo much fun was had by all and the food was magnificent!. The way everyone mingled and like Teddy said it was more like family than clasmates. Thank you and your staff for making everything ready for  the "Bash". Will look forward to future fun with everyone.

07/28/14 07:03 PM #14    

Donna Mae Sabol (Monroe)

It is so good to hear that everyone had a great time at the birthday party.  A special thanks to Sandy Hatzer, Judy Hallowell and JoAnn McMillin for helping with the party  Also a very special thanks to Judy Beumel for the fantastic decorations.  The room looked amazing.  Also thanks to Ted Schmitz for agreeing to be the MC.  Unfortunately i could not be there and missed it very much.  I hate missing a good party.  I always enjoy seeing my fellow classmates and visiting with them.  The class of 1962 is the best class that every graduated from good old SHS.  Also a special thanks to the fellow classmates that came from Streator, out of town and out of state as you are the ones that made the party a success.  Without you being there, it would not have been a success.  Hope to see everybody at the 55th class reunion.   Donna

07/29/14 09:18 AM #15    

Ed Englert

Just want to thank everyone on the Reunion Committee for your hard work.  The evening was wonderful.  Good Friends, Good Food and Good Conversation.  Nothing better in this world.  No Friends like Old Friends.  Everything as perfect.  Ed Englert

07/30/14 11:17 PM #16    

Jim McIntosh

I most heartly second ed

09/26/17 08:03 PM #17    

Marcia Bottino (Burkett)

Dear Dick,  Butch and I are really sorry to hear of the passing of your son Lee.  We pray that your spirit will be lifted and your memories keep you strong as you face each day.

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